About us

Sustainable Seas brings together teams from across a range of science and community organisations. 


The independent Board undertakes governance of the Challenge.


Independent Science Panel 

The panel offers a wide range of expertise to provide advice to the governance Board.



The Kāhui Māori provides both expertise and awareness of the issues in the focal area to advise the Challenge so that its science directions, quality and approach will deliver real benefits for Māori.


Science Leadership Team

The team is responsible for the Challenge's strategic direction, science quality, activities and management.


Stakeholder Panel

The panel provides independent, high level strategic advice to the Science Leadership Team.



Latest news and updates

Social licence and NZ aquaculture

Our research has found that personal relationships go a long way towards aquaculture companies gaining/maintaining community acceptance and social licence to operate.

New resource: Understanding kaitiakitanga in our marine environment

This publicly-available report examines mātauranga associated with the marine environment, and explores themes and why they are important to consider in decision-making. It also indexes the reference sources of this varied mātauranga, and signposts where to go for further detail.

Video: The Unseen

The story so far: 14 workshops, 1,300 school children and 15km of rope!

This arts-science-education project is working with communities and school children to explore the risks associated with environmental and climate change, and how this might affect the way we manage New Zealand’s marine ecosystems.