About us

Sustainable Seas brings together teams from across a range of science and community organisations. 


The independent Board undertakes governance of the Challenge.


Independent Science Panel 

The panel offers a wide range of expertise to provide advice to the governance Board.



The Kāhui Māori provides both expertise and awareness of the issues in the focal area to advise the Challenge so that its science directions, quality and approach will deliver real benefits for Māori.


Science Leadership Team

The team is responsible for the Challenge's strategic direction, science quality, activities and management.


Stakeholder Panel

The panel provides independent, high level strategic advice to the Science Leadership Team.



Latest news and updates

Smart aquaculture

A new aquaculture project from the Science for Technological Innovation (SfTI) National Science Challenge to develop technologies for sustainable, more productive, marine farming aligns well with our mission. It is led by Dr Chris Cornelisen, who also leads our Managed Seas research theme.

Art + Oceans 2018

We are co-funding the latest collaborative Art + Science project run by the Dunedin School of Art and University of Otago. 2018’s theme is Art + Oceans. Artists will work with scientists from the University of Otago to develop artworks relating to ocean science interpreted in a broad context.

New term, new NZ marine science resources

School pupils can now explore a real-world issue facing New Zealand – how to best manage our vast marine resources – thanks to a collaboration between the Sustainable Seas Challenge and Science Learning Hub.