Oceans Mesh, Light Nelson Festival

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Oceans Mesh, Light Nelson Festival

Oceans Mesh will mix live data and graphic visualisations that incorporate Sustainable Seas research into narratives about the seas, their inhabitants and interpretations. The aim is to prompt public conversations around the sorts of changes required to bring an ecosystem-based management (EBM) approach to our interactions with the sea and oceans – and to encourage public interaction with, and feedback about, the work.

Light Nelson is a biannual event that attracts large numbers (45,000 in 2016) of locals and visitors to the heart of Nelson city in the dark of winter.

The team have interviewed members of the science leadership team, project leaders and researchers from across Sustainable Seas to gain insight into how EBM of the marine environment could be enhanced. The team is also seeking to represent narratives from research that has engaged with iwi in Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka-a-Māui/Top of the South, regional councils, government departments, the marine industry sector and community groups.

Key participants

  • Dr Alison Greenaway, a senior social science researcher at Landcare Research (Auckland)
  • Dr Charlotte Šunde, a social science researcher at the Cawthron Institute (Nelson)
  • Vicki Smith, an artist (Nelson)

Sustainable Seas advisers: Linda Faulkner, Dr Janet Stephenson, Dr Judi Hewitt, Dr Nick Lewis



Start date
Fri, 07/06/2018 - 00:01

Programme type: Engagement Valuable Seas Vision Mātauranga Tangaroa Our Seas Managed Seas Dynamic Seas