Oceans Mesh, Light Nelson Festival

Start date

Oceans Mesh will mix live data and graphic visualisations that incorporate Sustainable Seas research into narratives about the seas, their inhabitants and interpretations. The aim is to prompt public conversations around the sorts of changes required to bring an ecosystem-based management (EBM) approach to our interactions with the sea and oceans – and to encourage public interaction with, and feedback about, the work.

Our Seas

Developing ways to enhance engagement and participation across all sectors of society, resulting in more efficient and effective decision-making using ecosystem-based management (EBM)

Consultation opens re 2019–2024 strategy

Improving marine management is critical to New Zealand's future health and wealth, but research in isolation is not enough. Excellent engagement with, and participation from, all users and sectors of society is essential.

We therefore invite comment on our draft strategy for Phase II (2019–2024). This strategy has been co-developed with Māori and stakeholders.

The Unseen: sciart exhibition

Start date

If you’re in Nelson around Easter make sure you stop by Albion Square (next to the Suter Art Gallery) to see our sci-art-education exhibition, The Unseen.

Seaweek 2018: *free* sciart workshop

Start date

Fun for all the family. Join artist researcher Gabby O'Conner and marine scientist Joanne O'Callaghan for this free public art-science-education workshop in Lower Hutt. Find out about their work and help make a large collaborative artwork, 'The Unseen'. This will be displayed in Nelson over Easter.

Social licence and NZ aquaculture

Our research has found that personal relationships go a long way towards aquaculture companies gaining/maintaining community acceptance and social licence to operate.

Video: The Unseen

The story so far: 14 workshops, 1,300 school children and 15km of rope!

This arts-science-education project is working with communities and school children to explore the risks associated with environmental and climate change, and how this might affect the way we manage New Zealand’s marine ecosystems.

Video: How current legislative frameworks in NZ enable EBM

Lara Taylor and Tania Te Whenua gave this presentation at the NZ Coastal Society conference.  This research is part of the 'Ecosystem-based management (EBM) within NZ's existing legislative framework' project, which is developing a better understanding of the opportunities and constraints offered by current legislation and decision-making processes.

Video: Community participation in marine restoration

Patrick Barrett and Priya Kurian gave a presentation about the restoration of the Ōngātoro/Maketu estuary at the NZ Coastal Society conference.