‘Betty’ returns with info about eddies

In May, Betty (our ocean glider), spent 24 days travelling 610km through the Cook Strait’s turbulent waters continuously recording temperature, salinity, oxygen concentration, light, acoustic recordings, and more. This data is important for developing better models.

Māori researchers’ hui

With all but one of our research projects underway, the time was right to bring our cohort of Māori researchers together to share research findings and discuss important issues such as IP and mātauranga Māori.

Uncovering the seas’ secrets

We’re pretty proud of Betty – the ocean glider we share with NIWA. She’s an amazing piece of marine technology that gives us detailed information about the oceans that we couldn’t get any other way.

He Pou Tokomanawa: project launch

A new Tangaroa project officially launched on 14 June with a pōwhiri at Wakatū marae in Nelson.

Video: Why Tasman and Golden Bays?

Tasman Bay/Te Tai-o-Aorere and Golden Bay/Mohua are our ‘case study area’, where we are testing the tools and knowledge for ecosystem-based management (EBM) that we are generating.

Video: Working together

This video explains what we're about; how we are working with Māori, government, industry, NGOs and communities; and what we mean by ecosystem-based management (EBM).

Conference 2017

Around 77 researchers came together in Wellington for our inaugural conference. They were joined for a special session, opened by Hon Paul Goldsmith, by 76 Māori and Stakeholders who have engaged with Sustainable Seas.

Start date

Sustainable Seas community comes together at inaugural conference

77 researchers came together in Wellington on 2–3 May for our first annual conference. They were joined for a special session, opened by Hon Paul Goldsmith, by 76 of the Māori and Stakeholders who have engaged with Sustainable Seas so far.

Research Book 2017 now available

With around 150 researchers from 26 organisations working on 30 projects there is a lot going on. Our new Research Book gives a lay-friendly summary of each project.

New member on the Stakeholder Panel

Welcome to Blake Hornblow, who has joined our Stakeholder Panel as the youth representative.