Blog: Lana Young from RV Polaris II (week 1)

Lana, a student at the University of Otago, reports on life at sea and the fieldwork being done for our Ecosystem Connectivity project. This is her first research voyage.

Latest blog post: Three new Innovation Fund projects for 2016

Our last post introduced four new projects funded through the Innovation Fund, which supports the introduction of fresh ideas, innovative approaches and novel research to the Sustainable Seas Challenge. Here you can read about three more Innovation Fund projects funded in 2016.

Lastest blog post: Introducing the innovation fund projects

Fresh ideas are continuously being added to the work already being done by Challenge Programmes and Cross-Challenge projects. The Innovation Fund supports multiple new projects that introduce new products, approaches, capability, research and researchers to the Challenge.

Latest blog post: Introducing the cross programme projects

There are three specific projects, the ‘Cross-Challenge’ projects, will leverage the expertise of all five Programme teams to explore how EBM fits into our current legislation and regulations, and how these might be changed to allow EBM to be used more successfully. We will also trial the innovative approaches and frameworks developed by the Challenge research projects in a case study in the Tasman and Golden Bay area).