Principles of ecosystem-based management

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Ecosystem-based management (EBM) is a holistic and inclusive way of managing the marine environment. 

EBM is already used by some countries and organisations to manage marine environments. 

In New Zealand, any successful consideration of EBM needs to reflect the interests and knowledge of Māori as indigenous people and as Treaty of Waitangi partners alongside the Crown and its representatives. We have the opportunity to be global leaders by establishing an EBM approach that places kaitiakitanga and Māori involvement at its heart, while preserving the integrity of both, and providing for mātauranga Māori and tikanga.

We have proposed 7 principles for EBM in Aotearoa New Zealand developed with Māori and stakeholders. 

7 principles of EBM for Aotearoa New Zealand

Journal article

Hewitt J, Faulkner L, Greenaway A and Lundquist CA (2018) Proposed ecosystem-based management principles for New ZealandResource Management Journal, November, pg 10-13  

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