Blue economy core research concepts open for review

Seaweed is a developing sector of Aotearoa's blue marine economy

The Challenge Leadership Team has developed core research project concepts for Theme 2: Creating value from a blue economy.

This process built upon on Sustainable Seas research from Phase I, the recent report Transitioning to a blue economy: scoping and horizon scanning which conducted more than 30 interviews with key individuals involved in the Aotearoa New Zealand marine industries, and a co-development workshop involving stakeholders, Māori and researchers held in February 2020.

Four core research projects are proposed: 

  • Encouraging restorative economies in NZ marine spaces 

  • Indigenising the blue economy in Aotearoa 

  • Growing blue tourism from low impact principles 

  • Building a blue economy sector - seaweed 

We invite review of the project concepts, which are presented in this document:

*UPDATED: Please send feedback and comments to by 5pm, Monday 20 April 2020*   [deadline extended due to the unusual circumstances we all find ourselves in; previously the deadline was Friday 17 April]

This diagram provides a guide for the process we follow in developing core research project:

Date posted: 03/04/2020

News type: News

Programme type: 2019–2024 research projects (Phase II)