Blue Economy theme: co-development and funding update

Blue economy: marine activities that generate economic value and contribute positively to social, cultural and ecological well-being

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The newly completed Transitioning to a blue economy project has identified marine business opportunities for Aotearoa that are sustainable, resilient to climate change, minimise waste, and have positive impacts on society and culture.

This, combined with our previous blue economy research, will be the foundation for co-developing the remaining core projects in this theme and will inform the key topics for our contestable Innovation Fund.


Core projects – These are key, mission-led projects focused around clearly defined work streams. They will be co-developed with Māori and stakeholders, beginning with a workshop in February 2020 (exact date to be confirmed).

Innovation Fund – This is a contestable fund. Once the priority topics have been identified, a call will go out to researchers and industry for expressions of interest (EoI). If appropriate, partnerships between researchers and industry will be matched. The strongest EoIs that align best with our object – to enhance utilisation of our marine resources within environmental and biological constraints – will be asked to submit a full proposal.

Process and timeline for developing the Blue Economy research projects

Date posted: 05/12/2019

News type: News

Programme type: 2019–2024 research projects (Phase II)