Consultation begins for our 2019–2024 strategy

Most of our 2014–2019 research is happening in the 'focal region' (rectangle) and the 'case study area' (circle)

Improving marine management is critical to New Zealand's future health and wealth, but research in isolation is not enough. Excellent engagement with, and participation from, all users and sectors of society is essential. We have therefore been working with our Board and Stakeholder Panel members to identify Treaty partners, organisations and individuals to co-develop our strategy for 2019–2024.

This is being done through facilitated workshops (happening throughout October) and further consultation (early 2018) with Māori, industry sectors, central government, regional councils, environmental NGOs, and community groups.

The workshops’ focus is to consider the big picture, and identify critical factors and gaps that need to be addressed for ecosystem-based management (EBM) to be successfully developed and implemented.

Topics being discussed at the workshops include:

  • Marine EBM in New Zealand – what does success look like for society and Sustainable Seas?
  • What are the key areas of research and/or development needed to underpin our vision?
  • What are the key issues for moving EBM forward for New Zealand’s marine management?
  • Which issues can Sustainable Seas address, and which need to be addressed by others?

We will use the outputs of the sector workshops, combined with input from our Stakeholder Panel and Kāhui, to draft our strategy. Interested parties will have the opportunity to give further input into this draft in early 2018.

If you would like to receive a copy of the draft strategy, please register your interest by emailing