Free Zoom backgrounds for Earth Day

Sail away

This Earth Day, we’re celebrating our favourite place on the planet – the ocean. We can’t go swimming in it under the current Level 4 lockdown rules, but we can still appreciate it from afar.

Since many of us are now working from home and Zoom meetings have become the usual, here’s some free Zoom backgrounds of marine scenes from around New Zealand.

Right click on the image you want and choose Save image as.

Not-so-windy Wellington

This gorgeous early morning image shows an unusually calm Wellington waterfront.

Credit: Hamish McCormick/Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge

Sunrise on the Kaikōura coast

Our researchers have spent some time in Kaikōura, looking at how the kelp forests recovered after the 2016 earthquake and the possibilities of new blue economy.

This image is one of our favourites because it captures the concept of ki uta ki tai, from the mountains to the sea. Ki uta ki tai recognises the movement of water through the landscape and the many interactions it may have on its journey.

Credit Dave Allen/Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge, NIWA

Sail away

If you're missing being out on the water then this serene pic will help you imagine that you're calling in from the Captain's cabin.

Credit Hamish McCormick/Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge

Ōhiwa harbour entrance

During Seaweek 2020, we travelled to Ōhiwa Harbour in the Bay of Plenty for a LEARNZ virtual field trip to teach school kids around the country about the importance of protecting our marine ecosystems.

Mussel beds at Tonga Island Marine Reserve

The Ecosystem connectivity team did survey dives in the reserve with a CTD (conductivity, temperature and depth) cast, water sampling and a plankton tow.

Credit: Alex Connolly/Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge

Date posted: 22/04/2020

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