Welcome to our new project leaders

Phase II project leaders at a hui in Wellington 23-24 July 2019

We are pleased to announce the following Phase II research project leaders. Their first hui was held in Wellington on 23-24 July, where the team connected, and explored ways they might integrate and co-develop their projects.

Development of the best team for each project is now underway. Note that there will be further opportunities to get involved with our research as projects in the Blue Economy theme are still being developed, and there are some projects that will not start until 2021, so these project leaders and teams will not be identified for some time. Other projects will also be developed through the Innovation and Opportunities Fund.


  • Awhi Mai Awhi Atu: Enacting a kaitiakitanga-based approach to EBM
    Kura Paul-Burke, NIWA
  • Huatuakina o hapu e!
    Ngarangi Walker, ESR
  • Ngā Tohu o te Ao: Utilising maramataka as a framework for marine management
    Caine Taiapa, Maanaki Te Awanui
  • Te Tāhuhu Matatau o Tangaroa, mai Tauranga Moana ki te Ao: Empowering the kaitiaki of Tangaroa from Tauranga Moana to Aotearoa and beyond
    Caine Taiapa, Maanaki Te Awanui
  • He Kāinga Taurikura ō Tangitū: Treasured Coastal Environment
    Kelly May, NIWA

Understanding degradation and recovery in social-ecological systems

  • Understanding ecological responses to cumulative effects
    Simon Thrush, University of Auckland & Kura Paul-Burke, NIWA
  • Tools for incorporating ecological responses to cumulative effects into management action
    Carolyn Lundquist, NIWA/University of Auckland & Dana Briscoe, NIWA

Creating value from a blue economy

  • Transitioning to a blue economy in New Zealand
    Nigel Bradly, Envirostrat

Addressing risk and uncertainty

  • Perceptions of risk and uncertainty
    Kelly May, NIWA & Paula Blackett, NIWA
  • Communicating risk and uncertainty to aid decision-making
    Joanne Ellis, University of Waikato & Fabrice Stephenson, NIWA
  • Risks to businesses from investment and environmental uncertainty

Enabling ecosystem-based management (EBM)

  • Treaty Relationships and EBM
    Robert Joseph, University of Waikato
  • Options for policy and legislative change to enable EBM
    Steve Urlich, Lincoln University & Elizabeth Macpherson, University of Canterbury
  • EBM and Kaitiakitanga
    Lara Taylor, Maanaki Whenua Landcare Research
  • Science and mātauranga working together
  • Enabling EBM at different scales
    Judi Hewitt, NIWA/University of Auckland