2019–2024 projects (Phase II)

New Zealand coast

We have $39.8 million for research during 2019–2024. All research projects have been/are being co-developed, and fall under 6 themes.

Understanding degradation and recovery in socio-ecological systems
Creating value from a blue economy
Addressing risk and uncertainty
Enhancing EBM practices
EBM in action


Māori-centric and Māori-led research, exploring the development of ecosystem-based management (EBM) that is founded on, and informed by mātauranga and tikanga Māori.

  • Awhi Mai Awhi Atu: Enacting kaitiakitanga-based EBM
    Kura Paul-Burke, University of Waikato
    In review
  • Huatuakina o hapu e! New ways of doing from old ways of knowing
    Ngarangi Walker, ESR & Ian Ruru, Maumahara Consultancy Services
    In review
  • Ngā Tohu o te Ao: Maramataka and marine management
    Caine Taiapa, Maanaki Te Awanui
    In review
  • He Kāinga Taurikura ō Tangitū: Treasured coastal environment
    Kelly May, NIWA
    In development

Degradation and recovery

Investigating how cumulative effects from multiple activities can be effectively managed to support ecological function.

  • Ecological responses to cumulative effects
    Simon Thrush, University of Auckland & Kura Paul-Burke, University of Waikato
    In review
  • Tools for managing cumulative effects
    Carolyn Lundquist, NIWA/University of Auckland & Dana Briscoe, NIWA
    In review

Blue economy

Investigating opportunities for Aotearoa to foster marine activities that generate economic value and contribute positively to social, cultural and ecological wellbeing.

Risk and uncertainty

Investigating how to improve decision-making by considering: how risk and uncertainty are perceived; and methods for managing cumulative effects.

  • Perceptions of risk and uncertainty
    Paula Blackett, NIWA & Shaun Awatere, Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research
    In review
  • Communicating risk and uncertainty
    Joanne Ellis, University of Waikato & Fabrice Stephenson, NIWA
    In review
  • Risks to businesses from uncertainty
    Not due to begin until 2021

Enhancing EBM practices

Investigating how practice, policy, regulation and legislation can be tailored to support EBM for Aotearoa.

  • Treaty relationships and EBM
    Dan Hikuroa, University of Auckland
    In development
  • Policy and legislation for EBM
    Steve Urlich, Lincoln University & Elizabeth Macpherson, University of Canterbury
    In review
  • Enabling kaitiakitanga and EBM
    Lara Taylor, Maanaki Whenua Landcare Research & Meg Parsons, University of Auckland
    In review

EBM in action

Working with Māori and stakeholders to undertake real world trials of the EBM knowledge and tools we are generating.

  • Hawke's Bay regional study
    Carolyn Lundquist, NIWA
  • Marlborough regional study
    In development
  • EBFM (ecosystem-based fisheries management) study
    In development

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Latest news and updates

Blue economy core research concepts open for review

The Challenge Leadership Team has developed core research project concepts for Theme 2: Creating value from a blue economy.

Ngā mihi maioha, Sir Rob

Te tai ra, Te tai ra
Te tai ra e pari ana ki hea
E pari ana  ki te kauheke tangata
Ka rongo te ao
Kua rongo te po

E te rangatira

Kua riro atu koe ki te kapunipunitanga o te tangata. Ko te reo o te taiao tera e rangona atu i te mūnga o tōu na reo.

Ka waiho ma maumahara koe e mahara ki ou mahi rangatira i te wa o te ora. No reira, Haere atu ra, haere atu ra, okioki mai.

Innovation Fund is open for blue economy initiatives

We invite NZ-based researchers, industry, stakeholders and Māori to submit expressions of Interest (EoIs) for research projects that will contribute directly to building a ‘blue economy’ in Aotearoa.