EBM-enabling narratives for New Zealand

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This project has developed multimedia resources that can be used to explore what ecosystem-based management (EBM) of marine environments in Aotearoa New Zealand looks like now and how it could look in the future. 

Project leader: Dr Alison Greenaway, Landcare Research

Duration: Mar 2018 – November 2019 
Budget: $725,000 
Status: Ongoing 

Story-telling, as spoken or written narratives, is an effective way to convey complex or abstract ideas. We have developed narratives about different ways of achieving EBM, based on real examples where New Zealanders have come together to holistically manage their marine environment from the mountains to the sea.

The aim was to show what the practice of EBM looks like now –  and could look like in the future. These narratives reflect the kinds of situations in which we think we are likely to see EBM flourish in the future. The narratives are were tested with representatives from government, industry, local communities and Māori.

This research gathered a range of perspectives from case studies, interviews and workshops. We identified local initiatives that already had some elements of EBM, then identified who was involved, the EBM-like practices and processes, and the successes and challenges.

Multimedia resources

1.  Protecting land and sea through EBM (Video, 6 min)

Filmed at Maitai Bay in Northland, this video details the hapū story of deciding to implement a rāhui on a local beach to protect and restore diversity and abundance in the water. It is fronted by a member of the hapū and is told from their perspective.

2.  Sharing the ocean through EBM (Video, 5 min)

This film explores how the ocean might be shared. Set 50 years in the future, a fisherman on the beach reminisces about the changes of behaviour and attitudes required to effectively share the ocean.

3.  Generating a blue economy through EBM (Video, 6 min)

This video asks what might be possible in livelihoods and economy in our marine spaces. It features existing examples of blue economy at work in Aotearoa NZ, where industry initiatives are doing things differently and acting in EBM-like ways.

4.  Connecting through EBM (Poster, A0)

This detailed poster outlines examples of the many EBM-like initiatives occurring in Aotearoa NZ. It explores how people, decisions and activities can be better connected from mountains to sea/ki uta ki tai by thinking about land-sea interactions; and connections between cultures and knowledge systems, and between policy and practice.

Additional resource: The locations of, key information about and links to, these examples of EBM-like initiatives are shown on this interactive map.

5.  Caring through EBM (Comic, 4 pages)

This graphic comic presents a human and non-human view of caring for a place. It tells the intertwined story of Oi the petrel and a woman named Grace. Taking place over 15 years, it shows abundance returning to a bay through active and collective caring practices.

Sciart installation

    We also produced a sci-art installation, Oceans Mesh at the Light Nelson Festival in July 2018, which engaged with New Zealanders about marine management issues.

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    We are delighted to welcome our new Chair, Tania Te Rangingangana Simpson, who brings a wealth of knowledge that is directly relevant to our research into bringing together tikanga and mātauranga Māori with western science and New Zealand law.

    Blue economy core research concepts open for review

    The Challenge Leadership Team has developed core research project concepts for Theme 2: Creating value from a blue economy.