EBM-enabling narratives for New Zealand

Navigating on the Steadfast. © New Zealand Story

We want to show what ecosystem-based management (EBM) of marine environments in Aotearoa New Zealand looks like now and how it could look in the future. 

Project leader: Dr Alison Greenaway, Landcare Research

Duration: Mar 2018 – June 2019 
Budget: $725,000 
Status: Ongoing 

Story-telling, as spoken or written narratives, is an effective way to convey complex or abstract ideas. We are developing narratives about different ways of achieving EBM, based on real examples where New Zealanders have come together to manage their marine environment. We aim to show what the practice of EBM looks like now –  and could look like in the future.  

Our research has gathered a range of perspectives from case studies, interviews and workshops. We identified local initiatives that already had some elements of EBM and identified who was involved, the EBM-like practices and processes, and the successes and challenges. Out of these we are developing a range of different narratives that will reflect the kinds of situations in which we think we are likely to see EBM flourish in the future. We are planning to develop and test our narratives with representatives from government, industry, local communities and Māori. 

We also produced the Oceans Mesh sci-art installation at Light Nelson Festival in July 2018 which engaged with New Zealanders on marine management issues and encouraged their feedback.

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