Award recognises contribution to marine science

University of Waikato scientist Professor Conrad Pilditch is the 2018 winner of the New Zealand Marine Sciences Society Award. The Award recognises his continued and outstanding contribution to marine science in New Zealand.

Webinar: Atlantis ecosystem model // Submarine canyons as ‘underground rivers’

Start date

Join us for our inaugural webinar. This 1 hour seminar will explore two topics: detailed ecosystem modelling from sunlight to market, and how submarine canyons act as ‘underground rivers’ to connect land and deep-sea ecosystems.

The Unseen: closing talk

Start date

Join artist researcher Gabby O'Connor at the Suter Art Gallery at 2:30pm for the closing talk of her 10-day art-science-community exhibition.

Consultation opens re 2019–2024 strategy

Improving marine management is critical to New Zealand's future health and wealth, but research in isolation is not enough. Excellent engagement with, and participation from, all users and sectors of society is essential.

We therefore invite comment on our draft strategy for Phase II (2019–2024). This strategy has been co-developed with Māori and stakeholders.

Sun, sea, sand – and marine science

During Seaweek, more than 4,600 school pupils joined 6 Sustainable Seas researchers for 3 days of marine science fieldwork in Tasman Bay, as part of the LEARNZ virtual field trip Sustainable seas – essential for New Zealand’s health and wealth.

Tipping Points on Radio NZ

Tune in to tonight’s episode of Our Changing World (after the 9pm news) for an excellent in-depth piece that gets into the detail of what the Tipping Points project is investigating, and why.

Free school resources about ecosystem connectivity and tipping points

The Science Learning Hub has produced some excellent teaching resources based on our Ecosystem Connectivity and Tipping Points projects.

The Unseen: sciart exhibition

Start date

If you’re in Nelson around Easter make sure you stop by Albion Square (next to the Suter Art Gallery) to see our sci-art-education exhibition, The Unseen.

Seaweek 2018: 'virtual' fieldtrip to Tasman Bay

Start date

We have teamed up with LEARNZ on a field trip: Sustainable seas – essential for New Zealand's health and wealth. Participating schools will (virtually) join our scientists on boats and the shoreline to explore 3 great topics:

Seaweek 2018: *free* sciart workshop

Start date

Fun for all the family. Join artist researcher Gabby O'Conner and marine scientist Joanne O'Callaghan for this free public art-science-education workshop in Lower Hutt. Find out about their work and help make a large collaborative artwork, 'The Unseen'. This will be displayed in Nelson over Easter.