Kāhui Māori welcomes new members

We are pleased to welcome Joe Harawira and Ian Ruru to the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge Kāhui Māori.

Growing a blue economy on the East Coast

In September, Hikurangi Enterprises hosted a two-day wānanga in Tairāwhiti Gisborne. The wānanga brought together whānau, community and scientists to talk about the opportunities to grow the East Coast blue economy and how kaitiaki can partner with researchers.

Marlborough students promoting marine protection

In mid-October, Challenge researchers met a pioneering group of students from Marlborough Girls’ College to celebrate their efforts in environmental sustainability and invite them to attend the upcoming Sustainable Seas Annual Conference.

Webinar: Atlantis ecosystem model // Submarine canyons as ‘underground rivers’

Start date

Join us for our inaugural webinar. This 1 hour seminar will explore two topics: detailed ecosystem modelling from sunlight to market, and how submarine canyons act as ‘underground rivers’ to connect land and deep-sea ecosystems.

The Unseen: closing talk

Start date

Join artist researcher Gabby O'Connor at the Suter Art Gallery at 2:30pm for the closing talk of her 10-day art-science-community exhibition.

The Unseen: sciart exhibition

Start date

If you’re in Nelson around Easter make sure you stop by Albion Square (next to the Suter Art Gallery) to see our sci-art-education exhibition, The Unseen.