Phase II research - timetable

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This section describes the timetable and process for co-developing Phase II research projects. 

6 December 2018 5pm - Deadline for expressions of interest

We invite researchers to submit an expression of interest (EOI) in Phase 2 research. 

Complete the form below and submit your EOI by 5pm Thursday 6 December 2018.

We will use the expressions of interest to identify researchers to attend co-development workshops and to identify researchers who are interested in participating in Phase 2 research.

Before you submit your EOI please review our Strategy for Phase II and specifically the research themes on pages 11-19 of the Strategy:

  1. Understanding degradation and recovery in socio-ecological systems
  2. Creating value from a blue economy
  3. Addressing risk and uncertainty
  4. Enhancing ecosystem-based management practices.

Week of 17 December 2018 –  Workshop invitations sent 

29 January - 26 February 2019 –  Co-development workshops

The aim of the workshops in January and February 2019 is to co-develop research concepts with stakeholders and Māori partners that will address the questions outlined in the Strategy for Phase II.

The Stakeholder Panel and will co-ordinate  workshop attendees for their organisation/sector.  The Kāhui Māori  will co ordinate attendance from Māori partners in the workshops.

All workshops will be held in Wellington and will start at 9am and finish at 5pm. The Tangaroa workshop is spread over two days.

      29 January  2019  – Tangaroa research programme (Part 1)

      11 February 2019 – Theme 1: Understanding degradation and recovery in socio-ecological systems

      12 February 2019 – Theme 4: Enhancing ecosystem-based management practices (note change in date for this Theme)

      14 February 2019 – Theme 3: Addressing risk and uncertainty

      15 February 2019 – Theme 2: Creating value from a blue economy (note change in date for this Theme)

      26 February 2019 – Tangaroa research programme (Part 2)

March 2019 – A one-page summary of each research concept identified in the workshops will be drafted. 

April 2019  -  Independent Science Panel, Stakeholder Panel and Kāhui Māori consider the portfolio of research concepts. 

Late April 2019 – Invitation to submit co-developed full research proposals

Mid June 2019 – Deadline for submission of research proposals

Late August 2019 – Funding decisions to be advised.

Form: Expression of Interest to participate in Phase II research

Your details
Research experience
Three examples of recent outputs (or experience) relevant to Theme(s) & Challenge's objective

e.g., publications; reports; other examples of delivering impact

Research themes
Choose one or more themes of interest

Latest news and updates

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