Phase II research - timetable

Wave on beach on Wellington South Coast. Credit: Dave Allen

We are currently co-developing research projects to support delivery of our Phase II Strategy. We have $39.8 million for the second 5-year phase of Sustainable Seas (2019-2024). 

Our call for expressions of interest (EOIs) to deliver the Sustainable Seas Phase II Strategy saw a great response, with more than 160 EOIs submitted by researchers representing Universities, Crown Research Institutes and independent research organisations.

Planning workshops for Phase II were held in Wellington in January and February 2019. Researchers, stakeholders and Māori partners came together to discuss and co-develop their research in five main areas:

  • Tangaroa research programme
  • Theme 1: Understanding degradation and recovery in socio-ecological systems
  • Theme 2: Creating value from a blue economy
  • Theme 3: Addressing risk and uncertainty
  • Theme 4: Enhancing ecosystem-based management practices


Late Feb 2019 – The Science Leadership Team prepared a portfolio of research projects to best address the Challenge Objective.

March 2019 – Two-page summaries for each project in the portfolio were circulated to all workshop participants for input and comment.

Thank you to the many people and organisations who took the time to review and comment on the draft portfolio of core Phase II research projects, we were pleased to get such a high level of engagement. We are carefully considering, and incorporating where appropriate, the significant amount of constructive feedback received.

Please note that as a result, the timeline for the next stages of the development process has been amended:

April 2019 – The Independent Science Panel, Stakeholder Panel and Kāhui Māori reviewed the research portfolio.

5 June 2019 – The revised portfolio will be considered by the Governance Group

June 2019 – Potential Phase II Project Leaders will be approached, and best teams developed

Late June 2019 – The portfolio of core research projects will be released

Late July 2019 – Co-development of project proposals begins

30 September 2019 – Deadline for submitting project proposals

October 2019 – Peer review of proposals

Mid-November 2019 – Governance Group considers recommendations for funding project proposals

Please get in touch via with any questions about this process.

Please check this website for further updates as the portfolio is developed. You can also sign up for our newsletter for news and upates.

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