Sustainability Award highlights importance of Māori-led research

NIWA researcher Kelly Ratana (centre) receives the New Zealand Coastal Society Sustainability Award from Dr Jose Borrero and Dr Shaw Mead of eCoast. The Award was given jointly to Kelly and Caine Taiapa in November 2018.

Sustainable Seas researchers Kelly Ratana (NIWA) and Caine Taiapa (Manaaki Te Awanui) were awarded the New Zealand Coastal Society’s Sustainability Award in November 2018.

The Award – a pounamu wahaika – was sponsored annually by Raglan-based eCoast Marine Consulting and Research and was presented at the Society’s Annual Conference in Gisborne.

At the Conference, Kelly spoke about Mauri Moana, Mauri Tangata, Mauri Ora, a Sustainable Seas project that is assessing the diverse social values New Zealander’s that hold for the marine environment. This project involves a team of researchers from Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research, NIWA, Victoria University and Manaaki To Awanui. Caine Taiapa presented a government-funded project Oranga Taiao, Oranga Tangata, which is engaging discussion about how to support hapū kaitiaki in their work as co-managers of Tauranga Moana (the seas of Tauranga).